Alaska In Winter and Broadcast 2000

I’m on a roll now, so here’s a quick recap of the Alaska In Winter and Broadcast 2000 show I witnessed for free at 93 Feet East on Friday.

First band on (at 22.30 might I add) was Broadcast 2000.

I really enjoyed their set, they were alot of fun. They invited audience members on stage to operate the shakers, because they were lacking a percussionist. If you head over to the band’s myspace you can see Joe has uploaded one of my photos to their pictures. I hope to see them play again sometime soon.

Finally, Alaska In Winter took to the stage. AIW is a¬†one man band in the shape of Brandon Bethancourt, who hails from New Mexico. The ‘band’ is made up of projections of Brandon playing different instruments shone against a screen at the back of the stage, while Brandon does the vocals live. It was definately alot of fun to watch, but I can’t help but feel it would be so much better if he got a live band. He also bizarrely stripped down his clothed several times and changed outfits to match what the projected versions of himself were wearing. Brandon had some fun dance moves, and I think he’s pretty brave for heading on stage alone with no instruments to hide behind. The stage was so dark that I had to really push my camera to get any shots, this one turned out ok, it’s of Brandon after he changed into his completely white outfit. To conclude, it was a good free show.


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