Au Revoir Simone

I love Au Revoir Simone. I first came into contact with them 2 years ago when they played with their friends We Are Scientists here in London. Mates of State were there too, it was awesome.

Au Revoir Simone¬†are three lovely, talented girls from Brooklyn. The band are currently recording a new record. I loved their 2007 release The Bird of Music, so I’m really excited.

Their vocals are so gorgeous, they work so well together (Listen to A Violent Yet Flammable World).

Not only are the band really talented, they’re also really nice people. Whenever I’ve had a question Annie (to the right of the picture) has always mailed me back and answered in detail. Heather (centre) is amazing. Not only is she creative and talented musically, she’s also a genius. Like, an actual genius. Check out her blog, I’ve put a link to it under Blogs I Like. Her posts are really fascinating and some of them are really funny too. She wrote a bit about how the band are recording a new record, I left a comment saying I think it’s exciting and how I can’t wait to see the band play in London. She left a reply thanking me and saying they’ll definately be playing a bunch of UK shows in spring and that I should come introduce myself. Isn’t that lovely? I love this band. I don’t know so much about Erika, but I’m sure she’s probably amazing too.

I can’t wait for their new record and to see them play in London. The Bird Of Music is available on vinyl LP, buy it!


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