Bandstand Busking

Northampton Square bandstand

I get so excited when I find out about shows and instores I can go to. It’s like Christmas on a weekly basis!

Bandstand Busking are a pretty cool bunch of people who get bands to play on the old unused bandstands. If you go to  their website the bandstand they use as the background image is Northampton Sq Bandstand, which is literally outside the front door of my university. Anyway, the reason for this post is that there are a couple of busks I will attend.

Gregory and the Hawk @ Hyde Park Bandstand, December 7th at 12pm


Loney, Dear @ Arnold Circus Bandstand, December 8th at 1pm

It would have been more convinient for me if they were at Northampton Sq, but hey I’m not complaining! I can’t wait. I’ve actually happened upon the Arnold Circus bandstand before and I know where it is and it’s in walking distance, so that’s good, but I have no idea where the Hyde Park bandstand is, I haven’t been to Hyde Park in ages so I might have to get there early and seek out the bandstand.

Both Loney, Dear and GATH have shows on Monday December 8th, and it’s pretty funny that these 2 bands are doing busking sessions, because I was unusure about which band to see on the Monday. Initially I was going with Loney, Dear, but I messaged Meredith and she said the GATH show is free, and that’s usually a deal-clincher for me.

Hopefully a few people will turn up, it should be fun.

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