Beach House

I’ve mentioned Beach House alot in this blog, but I just can’t resist! With the end of the year approaching I’m sure alot of bloggers/music fans have been reflecting on their favourite releases of the year.

I love Devotion. I’m confused as where it places in my ‘favourite records from 2008′ list though. I’m guessing that when I see Beach House play in a couple of weeks it’ll cement it’s place in the #2 spot, which is a pretty great place to be.

Also, Beach House have the best music videos. I love the walking hands of You Came To Me, the creepiness of Gila, and this:

I love when they burst out of the garage with the trolley and the screen fills with light. I love this band.

Devotion and 7″ single Used To BeĀ is out now on Carpark Records. I picked up Used To Be from Rough Trade East, and I hope to pick up the Devotion LP at the Cargo show (even though it would probably be cheaper to buy it from Carpark, it’s nicer to get it at a show). The Cargo show is on the 2nd of December and tickets are reasonably cheap, Cargo is a pretty nice venue so make sure you get a ticket and go, you really don’t want to miss this.

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