Chris Garneau

At the Luminaire last month

Just a short post about one of my favourite musicians Chris Garneau.

I found a couple of nice videos of him playing in Europe last month.

Here he is playing Elliott Smith’s Between The Bars. This is one of my favourite songs ever and Chris does a really lovely version of it. I’ve seen Chris play 3 times and he’s never done it, so next time I see him I might request it. Although last time I saw him he treated us to a lovely, beautiful cover of Neil Young’s Harvest, which was really special.

And here is the end of Blue Suede Shoes. The quality isn’t great but the sound is decent, and it’s nice to see Chris laughing.

If you get the chance to see him live make sure you don’t miss it, he’s even better live than on cd. The audience are always so silent when he plays, you could hearĀ a pin drop. It’s really special. Here is a video I filmed of him at the Borderline show in March. He tours alot so hopefully he’ll be back soon. I’m hoping he releases a new record in 2009. There’s a ‘new’ (it’s not that new anymore) song that he plays live, when I spoke to him after the Barfly show I told him I love In The Afternoon, he seemed confused. At the Luminaire show he introduced it as being called “Hands on the Radio”, so he probably didn’t know what I was on about.

His website is here.

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