East V West

Abe Vigoda look interesting


On Monday December 1st I was going to see Slow Club at Union Chapel but decided against it for numerous reasons, mainly because it’s not free or in walking distance.

Luckily for me Rough Trade offer up something to do that evening.

Rough Trade East have Abe Vigoda doing a free instore, and Rough Trade West have Department of Eagles. Out of the 2 bands I would rather see Department of Eagles… but Rough Trade East is in walking distance. And I’ve never been to Rough Trade West. Dilemma.

I know I’ll probably just go East for convinience. I am lazy. I just have to remember not to stand near the speakers.

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  1. Adam November 23, 2008 at 12:31 am #

    Dilemma indeed. I mean Department of Eagles are miles, miles better on record (Abe Vigoda’s ‘Skeleton’ didn’t do it for me at all) but I’d imagine Abe’s tropical-punk leanings would make them a fun watch. In conclusion? Toss a coin, or something.

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