Ok let me explain. Economics is boring, right? Right. Well, I can’t explain why the world is in a crisis or the law of diminishing returns, but I CAN explain the relationship between gigs, happiness and money for me.

As you can see, as number of gigs increases, my funds decline. My happiness level increases at a steady rate until it plateaus, and then starts to decline. The reason for this would be that I am attending too many gigs (indicated in shaded area B) and am therefore not at my maximum utility. I figure if I attend too many gigs (this has never happened yet) I would be exaughsted, and broke. Shaded area A also indicates when my happiness is not at a maximum, but in this case it is because I am attending too few gigs. Equilibrium is achieved when I attened the right amount of gigs, am at a good point of happiness and have sufficient funds. I would say equilibrium has only been achieved once, that was the week where I saw a gig everyday (sometimes two!) including Bodies of Water, Jenny Lewis, and of Montreal. Most of the time I am floating around in area A.

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