Ema and the Ghosts

I love Ema and the Ghosts. She doesn’t have that many songs, but it means the percentage of good songs in her catalogue is something like 100%. She doesn’t seem to tour much outside of California, so I wouldn’t hold your breath for seeing her in the UK anytime soon. I found this recent video of her performing Rabbit Hole for KXLU radio. Ema makes sweet ukulele/accordion pop songs, you can hear a few on her myspace and I would STRONGLY recommend watching this cover she does of Leonard Cohen’s song Memories, because it’s just¬†fantastic… and there’s a nice whistle solo! Unfortunately my favourite songs of hers, Ermine & Mink, Flohzirkus and Whirly Kid aren’t on her myspace anymore… but if you look around I’m sure you could find them.¬†She only has 145 listeners on Last Fm, and it seems to be quite hard to find out any information about what she’s up to now, but she has a date on her myspace saying “The Boy in the Milkbox EP” release show in a couple of weeks, so maybe we’ll get some information about that soon.


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