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A whale we saw in the sea near Boston. I would like to be in Boston now. I would like to be a whale too.

A whale we saw in the sea near Boston. I would like to be in Boston now. I would like to be a whale too.

Will we always be like little kids, running group to group asking who loves me? Don’t know who loves me! It’s pathetic, it’s impossible, like girls in stilettos, girls in stilettos, girls in stilettos trying to run.”

I’ve listened to so much Emily Haines this week. I think I’ll try to broaden it out a bit next week, but, I don’t know, Emily Haines is so comforting. It’s like ‘hey I suck at maths, I suck at accounting, I suck at economics… I’ll listen to Emily Haines” and that somehow makes everything perfectly ok. Fine by me. Lastfm says I’ve listened to 94 Emily songs in the last 7 days, they average about 4minutes long… so that’s over 6 hours of Emily Haines. I’m listening to Knives right now, so it’ll probably be about 100 Emily songs, so I’ve listened to her for about an hour each day this week.

I’ve also listened to a ton of Rilo Kiley, of Montreal, Bishop Allen, Beach House, Jenny Lewis and Jaymay. It’s so satisfying to listen to Jenny now that I’ve met her. In Maths on Friday I was thinking “I’m not following any of this, I hate it, HATE HATE HATE…. oh well atleast I’ve met Jenny Lewis”. Then I probably started smiling. I have that unfortunate habbit of smiling when I recall pleasant memories. This probably makes me look like a complete loser. OH WELL (atleast I met Jenny Lewis!).

I’m going to see Langhorne Slim on Wednesday, I’m pretty excited about it. I hate the lighting in the Borderline though, it makes photography a challenge.

Not long until the US election is over. This leaves the Financial Times free to report nothing but the economic crisis! Great, this makes for truly thrilling rading. Every time I hear or read the word crisis (which at uni is probably on a tri-hourly basis) I want to start singing “I’m in a crisis! I need help come on mood shift, shift back to good again!”.  While I’m on the topic of crisises, I watched Hitchcock’s The Birds last night. Now that’s what I call a news-worthy crisis, none of this economics hoodoo. I wish birds did attack like that, occasionaly. Hahahaha.


I did intend to make this blog less ramble-ish than my last blog, but I would say I ramble an equal amount. I intended a more news/reviews style blog. SO HENCEFORTH (everything sounds epic in caps lock) this blog will be less ramble-y and more news/reviews orientated! No more rants about how much I hate maths, and no more gushing about how great Emily Haines is and how great it is that I met Jenny Lewis. Alas, no more, no more, it’s time to get more professional! Reviews, photos, news.


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