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Anni Rossi @ Concrete & Glass

I saw Anni Rossi twice last month and listened to her EP today, so here is a chronological review of my discovery of Anni Rossi’s music.

Anni Rossi is from Chicago. That’s just about all I know about her, she doesn’t have much on her myspace and her blog doesn’t reveal much either. She plays the viola and stands on her suitcase and stamps her feet.

I first came across her when I won a couple of guestlist places for the Shoreditch music festival Concrete and Glass. I saw she was playing, checked out some videos on youtube and thought she was worth catching.

I saw her play in a little room. I was blown away at how great her voice is. She reminded me of a hybrid between Mirah and Final Fantasy. She didn’t seem that into the show, she seemed bored. I thought perhaps she was having a ‘off’ night. I spoke to her after and she was friendly enough, she told me she had a show on October 20th at the Borderline and I told her I’d go.

So, I did just that. I went along to the Borderline on the 20th to see her play. The venue was really empty. She didn’t play for long at all (it seemed that way anyway), I’d guess she only played for about 30 minutes. Again she seemed like she would rather be somewhere else. Despite her solemn stage presence, she once again sounded brilliant, her voice is really lovely. Before her set she also did some drumming and vocals for her friend Rollin Hunt, who was actually pretty great. I left the show feeling a bit disappointed, maybe it’s because Anni seemed so disinterested, perhaps it projected onto me.

I finally listened to her EP titled Afton. It’s very short but good. I love the song Arctic Swing, I just think her voice is really great on that one.

I also gave her blog a read. I have to say, it doesn’t exactly endear me to her. A couple of posts back she wrote “I am headed out of town in 2 weeks time with rollin. We are embarking on a month long tour together in the uk. Should be fun, although i dislike being there in general.” I have highlighted the line that makes me think she’s a bit of a miserable soul. I don’t know if she’s joking or not, but she seemed unhappy 2/2 of the times I saw her.  It makes me wonder what the point of her coming here was if she doesn’t even like it.

In conclusion, Anni Rossi is a great musician with a lovely voice and some good songs. She just needs to cheer up a bit.

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  1. Morrie November 11, 2008 at 4:25 pm #

    I hosted anni rossi in manchester for 2 months while she was doing a residency at the islington mill. She has very dead pan expressions and has what i think to be a delightfully DRY sense of humor. She doesn’t converse much with the audience when she plays. She is very sweet and I know she is grateful to those who attend.

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