Review: Emmy the Great @ Rough Trade

On Thursday I went to see Emmy the Great play at Rough Trade East.

Emmy was joined on stage by a second guitarist, a drummer, keyboard player and violinist. The whole band prooved to be multi-talented, there was alot of instrument switching going on; besides the aforementioned instruments there was also a bit of bass, melodica, trumpet and harmonium. Seeing the harmonium on the floor reminded me of Chris Garneau and his lovely harmonium performances.

Emmy’s voice was beautiful, and the band sounded superb together. I’ve liked Emmy’s music for a while now so I was excited to hear her play live. She played a few songs, including her new single We Almost Had A Baby, which I picked up from Rough Trade the day before. It comes with some nice artwork and is limited to 750 copies, so I’d definately recommend getting one. Not to mention the fact that the song is great too. I was hoping they would play City Song, but they didn’t. They did their cover of Where Is My Mind, which I was glad about. I watched Emmy’s hands and checked that we play it the same way, and we do… yay. I didn’t know that the cover was on the band’s myspace player, it seems I have a different version. I think mine is a radio performance. Emmy was confident on stage and told us some anecdotes and jokes between songs. She told us she would be seeing Leonard Cohen later, which she was clearly excited about. The band played the title track of the forthcoming album “First Love” which borrows and builds upon some of Cohen’s lyrics from Hallelujah.

After the show the band started packing up and the audience started leaving, Emmy walked past me and I said “Hey Emmy, that was really great” I said it without even realising. I could have chosen some better vocabulary, but nevermind! I said I’d see her next time (she has a ULU show in February), she said please, I said have fun at Leonard Cohen, she said she will. Pure Groove have Emmy listed for an instore on December 16th, I finish uni on the 12th so I’m not sure if I’ll be in London. I’ll have to sort something out.

I met Chalky from Terrible Love Songs there, check her blog here.

Check here for future Rough Trade instores.

Emmy has a long UK tour lined up starting at the end of January, check her myspace for dates.

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  1. Adam November 16, 2008 at 10:30 pm #

    Hi there,

    Don’t suppose you’d be so kind as to let me use that photo up there for my write-up on Emmy The Great’s instore last week? Great picture, nice work!

    Sorry for intruding on your time,


  2. anikainlondon November 17, 2008 at 7:46 am #

    Hi Adam
    Of course you can use the photo, I’m glad you like it!


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