Review: Langhorne Slim @ the Borderline

On Wednesday I went to see Langhorne Slim play at the Borderline.

I got up early to check the election results then I did accounting until 3. Then I headed over to Denmark St to look at the guitar shops. I bought an egg shaker. The banjos in the windows were tempting me, but I resisted. I was going to go to the Apple store but I hate the long, busy tourist-y roads so I ended up just cutting through Soho and I went to the National Gallery instead. It’s open late on Wednesdays, and there was a free music performance in room 18. It was really stunning. It was clarinet and piano, and they were playing some really epic, poppy classical pieces.  I felt young, most of the people there looked about 50.

Then I went to the Borderline and it was empty so I sat on the floor and drew in my book. The first band were called The Smoke Fairies. I had actually heard of the band before, but had never heard them. Judging them purely by their name and also what they looked like, I was expecting something a bit twee. I was greatly mistaken! They weren’t melodic at all, they had a dreary country music thing going on. I hate to be a critic, but, they were really very repetitive and dull. Vocally I didn’t enjoy eiher of them, and the second guitarist needs to give the slide guitar a rest. They seemed nice enough though, one of them asked the crowd “So, has anyone had a firework go up their trouser leg?” Silence. “It happened to me once. It was horrible.” I don’t know if she was joking or not…

The second band, I forgot their name, were equally forgettable. More slide guitar! I didn’t like the vocals again. Nothing else to say.

Finally it was time for Langhorne Slim. The venue had filled up by now and was the busiest I have ever seen it. He was joined on stage by a lovely big double bass and drums. It sounded great and Sean put on a great performance. He danced about and joked with the crowd and there was a good atmosphere. Before he played Diamonds and Gold he came up close to the mic and said “I’d like to dedicate this song to John McCain”, to which the crowd promply cheered. He repeatedly thanked the crowd for coming and at the end of the set he pulled a few people onto the stage and came and danced in the crowd. The audience was really eclectic, businessmen, middle aged women, and a few young people too, haha. It was a fun show, I’ll definately try and see him next time he comes back.

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