Upcoming Shows

Shows/Instores/Events that I plan on attending that I think are worth mentioning:

Psapp @ Arnold Circus Bandstand 30/12/08: I am slightly dubious about the bandstand busking sessions, I’ve never been to one before so I don’t know if the time will be correct and if they are quick starting etc etc. I don’t know much about Psapp, but I read their Wikipedia and they sound interesting, so I’m quite excited.

Abe Vigoda @ Rough Trade 1/12/08: You can’t go wrong with a Rough Trade instore.

Soy Un Caballo @ Pure Groove 2/12/08: The duo from Belgium are also playing a show at the lovely Slaughtered Lamb that night, but Beach House calls me.

Beach House w/ Jana Hunter @ Cargo 2/12/08: Christmas comes 3 weeks early! I’ve been looking forward to this show for ages. I really can’t wait. I’m excited to hear the pair deliver their dreamy songs which will undoubtebly put me and my eardrums in heaven.

Gregory and the Hawk & Ten Kens @ Northampton Sq Bandstand 7/12/08: Another busking session from the folks at Bandstand Busking.

Loney, Dear @ Arnold Circus Bandstand 8/12/08: More busking.

Either Gregory and the Hawk @ Big Chill House or Loney, Dear @ Old Blue Last 8/12/08: I still haven’t decided, it’s made harder by the fact I found out that both of them are free. I’m leaning towards Loney, Dear.

Vivian Girls @ Rough Trade 9/12/08: This all girl Brooklyn punk band have been getting alot of attention, so I am intrigued to hear them perform live.

Emmy the Great plus guests @ Pure Groove 16/12/08: A nice free Christmas instore at Pure Groove. I am excited for Emmy’s 2009 release.

Fee Fie Foe Fum @ Cargo 16/12/09: This sold out very quickly! Laura Marling, Mumford and Sons, Johnny Flynn, Jay Jay Pistolet and more…

of Montreal @ Digital (Brighton) 24/01/09: I am excited already. Ninjas prove it!

Woodpigeon @ ICA 25/02/09: Woodpigeon is fantastic. I’ve never been to the ICA before so I don’t know what to expect.

Yet to get:

Should I get a Fleet Foxes ticket for the third day?? Tickets are ¬£18.50! This is alot to me. I think it could be worth it to hear Your Protector live, but it’s a big venue, I like small ones. I better decide soon before it sells out. I think I’ll probably get a ticket to see Loney, Dear at St Giles, I love that church, it would be epic. I am also thinking about getting a ticket for Emmy the Great at ULU. I’m put off by the fact that ULU are strict about cameras though, and because Emmy’s from London I get the impression I could just see her somewhere else some other time.

That’s all. I’ll probably attend more as they’re announced.


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  1. Adam November 30, 2008 at 12:32 pm #

    The Fleet Foxes show will surely be worth the money, plus the Roundhouse is a pretty cool venue for its size. ICA’s better though- about 400-500 capacity I suppose and they sell the most calorific muffins in the world. Surprised Woodpigeon are playing there- didn’t realise they had that much hype behind them. Enjoy Beach House!

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