Yay for the Obama victory! This election has been covered so much over here you’d think we were votiong for our new leader. I would prefer Obama to be our leader, he’s dynamic, inspirational and has great charisma. We have the choice of either the plump, dull, dreary Mr Brown (even his name is boring) or the pretentious and annoying David Cameron. It’s bleak.

In other news, Jenny was on Letterman:

Good performance from Jenny, JRice, Johnathan, Farmer Dave and Barbara. Notice I didn’t mention Costello? I used to find JRice slightly irksome, but I long for the days when he would sing Costello’s part and Costello was somewhere else not entering into the equation.¬†I like Rice alot these days.¬†Costello sounds like he has something wrong with him. Jenny is wearing the exact same outfit (minus the hat) that she wore when I met her.

Today is my day off, I’m going to work until the early afternoon, then walk to the Apple store on Regent Street, head to the National Gallery, then go see Langhorne Slim. Plan.

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