Woodpigeon are a lovely folk-ish band from Calgary, Canada. I first came across their music a couple of months ago when I noticed they were playing a few shows in London. I was disappointed because I couldn’t see them, it was around the time I was starting university and I didn’t have time. Lucklily for me I noticed they’ve been added to the (now sold out) Andrew Bird show at St Giles church. I also discovered that lead singer, Mark Hamilton, is doing a solo show at The Slaughtered Lamb next Wednesday.

I have 2 exams on Thursday, is it completely irresponsible for me to go? I don’t think so. The venue is literally about 3 minutes walk away, it’ll be cheap, and I’ll have been studying all day so I’ll probably have lost the will to live by 2pm, so I need a treat in the evening. A treat in the shape of Mark Hamilton playing 3 minutes down the road, perfect.

Here is a nice video of the band performing on Canadian Tv. The presenters are a bit clueless, but the performance is good. Mark also offers up a nice explanation of why the band is called Woodpigeon: ‘it looks like a rollercoaster’. He’s right, it kind of does. Tickets here.

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