Abe Vigoda @ Rough Trade

Tonight I saw tropical punk band Abe Vigoda play at Rough Trade. East won the battle of East Vs West, as I opted to go to this as oppose to Department of Eagles at Rough Trade West. Ironically the New Yorkers played at Rough Trade West and the Californians played at Rough Trade East.

Abe Vigoda are from LA and released their third studio album Skeleton this year. I thought they sounded pretty good and enjoyed their set; they were fun to watch. Guitarist Juan Velazquez seemed especially excited to be playing, commenting that it was his first time in London. After the show I spoke to Michael and he said the show at Old Blue Last is sold out, which is a shame because I would have gone. I also took his portrait but forgot to change the settings so it’s a bit over exposed and un-flickr worthy. Nevermind. He was very friendly and gave me his setlist. The songs written on the setlist are: Dead City, Cranes, Don’t Lie, Live Long, House, World Heart and Skeleton. They also played a couple of others too I think.  At the end of the set Juan came and stood in the crowd and played guitar. It was a good show. Rough Trade are so great for hosting all these free shows. However, it was really dark for some reason, and I was standing really close, so my photos were all kind of rubbish. I need to get a wide lens.


Beach House tomorrow! I’m SO excited.

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  1. Chalky December 1, 2008 at 9:41 pm #

    Nice! I went west and saw Department of Eagles – amazing voice. I’ll post a review tomorrow morning, need food and sleep.


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