Coeur De Pirate

Wow, Check out this amazing lady from Quebec. I wish she was from France just so she’s be closer (and therefore more likely to play here more often). Her name is Beatrice Martin and she makes beautiful French language pop. It’s really lovely piano based music. I love French music, I wish more singers I like would sing in French. Apparently she’s only 18 too.  She released an album in September, which I need to hear as soon as I can because she seems fantastic. Here is a wonderful video of her playing “Comme Des Enfants”. I’d recommend her for fans of Emily Haines, Emily Loizeau, Casey Dienel… stuff like that.

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  1. LetMeLikeIt December 15, 2008 at 11:45 am #

    Great to see that more and more blogs decide to feature Coeur de Pirate, her album’s one of my favorites this year!

    Great blog also!

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