Because I’ve been away from home for a few weeks (and therefore unable to use the scanner) I have a backlog of drawings in my book that I haven’t scanned in. I only scanned 2 in today but I’ll do some more another time. Due to the Christmas-time gig hiatus I’ll need to think of some interesting things to post. I’m saving my albums of 2008 list until later because technically it’s not the end of the year yet (and also it takes ages to write about 50 albums). So I’m at home now, I cycled 5 and a half miles today to go get some certificates from my old school. I won an award for Sociology so they gave me a £15 Waterstones voucher (woo!). I can see I’m going to get gig-withdrawl; since I moved to London I haven’t been more than a few days without seeing a band play! Oh well, I’m sure January will come soon enough.

So here are the drawings:

Andrew Bird + Woodpigeon and Jeff Lewis part 1

To view large go here.
Jeffrey Lewis part 2 and Im From Barcelona

Jeffrey Lewis part 2 and I'm From Barcelona

To view large go here.

Also, here is a scan of the drawing Jeff drew for me. It’s of him receiving my comics in the mail.

by Jeffrey Lewis

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