Engwish Bwudd

So I came back to Ashford on Saturday. It’s nice to eat a decent amount of food again. Yesterday I went to meet up with my friends at Ashford’s new Beefeater for my friend’s birthday. My dad was out at some football match so I had to walk the 4 miles to get there in the freezing cold, but it gave me the opportunity to listen to some Beach House and Noble Beast, so that’s ok. That’s half the reason why London is so great, everywhere is in a reasonable walking distance, or you can get the tube to make it in walking distance.

Today I am lazing around before I go back to London tomorrow, I’ve listened to music, watched Kiki’s Delivery Service and am about to have a roast dinner (first one in over three weeks!) and watch Pom Poko. Tomorrow I’m seeing some of Britain’s finest at Fee Fie Foe Fum. Brilliant line up for the price, I can’t wait. If you didn’t get a ticket atleast you can see the¬†fantastic Emmy the Great at Pure Groove for free. I’ll see her then power walk to Cargo. Every time I read Fee Fie Foe Fum I think of Man Man, this show looks so fun:

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  1. Adam December 15, 2008 at 7:56 pm #

    Great Man Man vid! They supported Of Montreal at ULU last December- the one time I didn’t go and see Kevin Barnes and co… :-( You must check them out the next time they’re over though- such an energetic live show.

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