It Doesn’t Always Have To Be Beautiful

I like this video alot. You can listen to another live version of the song for free on Last Fm. I love Slow Club! I’m working on a part 6 to the girl vocals list, that seems to be never-ending. A few more artist features are also on the way. I’m looking forward to January so I can get back to going to gigs. Unfortunately I have 2 exams in January, and a couple of pieces of coursework due. I’ve done one of the courseworks, but seeing as how I don’t understand any economics it’s making my economics coursework pretty slow going. Because I only care to think about music, I’m doing it on the economics of the music download market. Anyone know anything about that? Me neither, yet! I’ve powered through 130 pages of textbook in 3 days. It’s a really hard text book to follow too. I also got a paper cut from it, so economics is both boring and dangerous. I bought myself a MacBook yesterday. Most expensive thing I ever bought. My old laptop would over-heat and shut itself down on an hourly basis, so I kind of needed a new computer anyway. So far I give the change from PC to Mac two thumbs up. Better get on with some textbook reading now.

Slow Club on Myspace. My new years resolution is to learn that chair dance thing that they do.

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  1. Adam December 30, 2008 at 11:52 pm #

    I like Slow Club. I hope one day they’ll play a show that doesn’t clash with anything else…

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