Jaymay is reading Anna Karenina

SEE, look how cool Jaymay is, she’s reading my favourite book. You can read along with her in her book club. The deadline is new years, which is quite soon considering it’s a gigantic book. It takes me ages to read stuff, usually because I have too many other (more boring) things to read (economics text book). I’m STILL reading Crime and Punishment. I’ll probably finish it next week once my maths exam is out of the way.

Watch this video of her doing unreleased song What About Bob, which will be on her forthcoming EP 10 Under 2 (10 songs all under 2 minutes long). It’s a beautiful song. Jayamay is awesome. It looks like capo is on the third fret and chords are C, E, Am, G all the way through if you want to play it and sing it. “What about the summer that’s about to fall/What about the winter┬áthat’s about to┬áspring?“. Nice.

I’ll post the final 10 of my list of 50 female vocalists later.

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