Loney Dear Bandstand Busking

On Monday I was really lucky and got to see Loney, Dear do a Bandstand Busking session.

For those unfamiliar with Bandstand Busking, it involves getting really great bands to play in the old bandstands across London. The sessions are filmed and put on bandstandbusking.com for all to see. On the website they post the time and location of the busks so people like me can go watch. This time the busk was by Loney, Dear.

For those unfamiliar with Loney, Dear you need to familiarize yourselves now! Loney Dear is Emil Svanangen from Sweden. Last year Loney, Noir was re-issued by Subpop, and next year Polyvinyl are releasing his new record, Dear John.

The weather was being suprisingly nice. It was cold but not unbearably so. To cut a long story short, the band played and it was amazing. I came away with the overwhelming feeling that I was really lucky to hear them play in that context. Padraic asked if I could take some photos, so I was kindly introduced to Emil who was very friendly and lovely. I enjoy taking photos so it was especially fun. Emil has a wonderful voice and his new songs sounded great. The videos will surely be up on the Bandstand Busking website soon, so you can see what I mean then.

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