OK Fleet Foxes, you win

I got a ticket for the Roundhouse show in February, despite my initial reluctance due to the high ticket price. Shame I won’t be able to take my camera into that one. I also got a ticket for Emmy the Great at ULU because I’m probably going to love her record and want to see her. Also, I was listening to Woodpigeon today. It saddens me to my core that M Ward and Mark are playing the same day! WHY? WHYYYYY? I’m hoping Woodpigeon announce some more London shows. This means I have a spare Woodpigeon ticket to offload, for the show at ICA with Miserable Rich on Wednesday 25th of February. I’ll post about it again nearer the time but if you want it you can email me and I’ll give it to you. You just have to promise to go to the show and have alot of fun and enjoy Woodpigeon as much as I would have.

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