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Whispertown2000 have a video for Old Times on vimeo, click to see. It’s cute. I was half expecting to see Jenny appear, but alas, no.

I’m going to see Slow Club and the Bobby McGees tonight at the Buffalo Bar. It doesn’t start until nine, so I’ll probably have to stay up way past bedtime (ohnoes!). I’m being lazy and getting the tube because it would probably take about 40 minutes to walk and it’s too cold, but I think I only have enough money on my Oyster for one way, so I’ll get the tube there and walk back. I don’t mind walking back after shows because I usually have alot to think about and am all peaceful within and whatnot. I’m always walking around in the middle of night, apparently you’re not meant to do that, but I prefer it to day walking. Day walking around where I live means you have to fight the fat businessmen for a place on the pavement or else they barge you in the road. Atleast around Barbican where the road works are anyway. I’m not kidding.

I really did some mass-blogging today to get up to date. To put it in business terms, there are alot of economies of scale to bulk blogging. I only have to open wordpress and flickr and other blogging resources once, I get faster at typing as I go… it all turned out alright. The only problem is information overload.

Oh I also bought an M Ward ticket. This means that in the future I will either have an M Ward ticket or Woodpigeon ticket spare. I’ll probably go to M Ward, even though it upsets me that I have to miss Mark play. I’ve never seen M Ward before and it would be a shame to miss his ‘one off’ London show. I also got a ticket for Loney Dear at St Giles, yay. I’ve had this song in my head all day. That video I linked to is great, watch it.

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