Review: Alessi’s Ark @ the Wilmington Arms

Well on Wednesday I was going to see Land of Talk, but after talking to Ora Cogan on Monday she said she was playing a show at the Wilmington arms on Wednesday. I checked this out and saw Alessi’s Ark would be there too, so I made the decision to go to that instead.

The Wilmington Arms venue area is tiny. I’m bad at estimates but I’d say you’d probably struggle to fit 50 people in there, what with all the tables and chairs everywhere. The show was put on by Indoor Picnic. The place was decorated with fairy lights and roses and it was really pretty (aww). I took a seat and drew a bit, but it wasn’t long before the first act, Kristin McClement started. Her songs were folky and lovely, she was joined by her friend on cello. She was very nervous and made a few mistakes but I thought she was still quite good. I have admit that by the end of her set I was dosing off to sleep, what with the low lights and everything.

I soon woke up when the host took to the stage. He was loud and brash and unfunny, even though he was meant to provide the ‘comedy’ for the night. When he finally left Ora Cogan was next. I saw her on Monday so I knew what to expect. A few cover songs and a nice strong voice, I enjoyed her set again.

It was Alessi’s Ark that really stole the show. She had that WOW effect. Before she started the host guy made her play ‘something sad’ so he could read a poem he wrote about Oliver Postgate dying. He only died on Monday so it was pretty tasteless and stupid. So when he finally disappeared Alessi’s Ark started. I was blown away with how great she was, she’s very talented. Her songs are sweet and her voice is amazing. At times she reminded me of Chan Marshall, especially combined with her facial expressions. Other times she reminded me a bit of Joanna Newsom. She was quite unique and special though. She really sealed the deal when she told us she has a friend in Omaha and his name is Jake Bellows and she wants to cover his song. I was like, Neva Dinova? She’s going to cover a Neva Dinova song? This girl is so awesome. She covered A Man and His Dream and turned it into a really short but lovely folk ditty. The rest of the audience didn’t seem to know the song or who Jake Bellows is. Iwas captivated and enjoyed the whole set despite not really knowing any of her material. I can see Alessi getting some attention and success in the future, so I feel lucky to have caught her in a really tiny venue will I still can. I look forward to hopefully seeing her play again soon.

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