Review: Loney Dear @ the Old Blue Last

So after the Gregory and the Hawk show I realised I could probably make it to the Old Blue Last in time to catch Loney, Dear. Conviniently Kings Cross and Old Street are located close to both venues and are both on the Northern Line, which allowed me to get door to door in 20 minutes. Pretty good!

I went upstairs and saw it was quite busy, but not too busy. I got a spot on the second row at the edge of the stage (as CrazyBobbles always says, the left of the stage is always best!). I arrived just as the band before Loney Dear were finishing, so I had to wait around a while for the show to start. I saw Padraic who had gone to see Women at Rough Trade, I saw them at Pure Groove and would have liked to have gone, but alas, too many free gigs and too little time. Rich from The Line of Best Fit was also there giving out shots, you can see a couple of my Loney Dear photos on the website.

Then it was time for Loney Dear. The people in front of me were all quite short so I ended up having a pretty great view. If you haven’t seen Loney Dear live, I really recommend it. Emil is really cheerful and chatty and involves the audience and creates a great atmosphere. He’s got a beautiful voice and his songs are great. He played the Meter Marks Ok which is one of his songs I especially like, which was fun to sing along to.

To conclude, Loney Dear is fantastic, go see him play at St Giles in January. It’s probably going to be really epic, especially if he gets us all to sing notes and stuff for him. St Giles is one of my favourite places to see bands play. The lighting and ambience make shows there really special. Plus they’re really good at letting you in on time and getting bands to start when advertised. The only downside is the pews, they’re really uncomfortable. Especially as I have a problem sitting still for longer than 20 minutes, so I end up fidgeting loads. Nevermind.

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