Review: Vivian Girls at Rough Trade

The Vivian Girls are from New Jersey and are now based in Brooklyn. I had only heard a few of their songs songs, as I’m yet to hear their 2008 self titled debut, so I didn’t really know what to expect.

They’ve been blogged about alot this year; I gathered they’re either pretty great or they’ve been hyped loads. After seeing them I know it’s because they are pretty great. They got alot of backlash for being a bit silly in some Uncensored Interviews. Alot of comments were about how they say ‘like’ alot, after hearing them talk, they do indeed say like alot. But so what, I say like all the time. They sounded really good live and have convinced me I need to listen to their album. It made Rough Trade’s top 10 in their list of the best releases of 2008. Not only are the band good live, they’re also really funny. If you’ve been to Rough Trade lately you’ll notice the giant Christmas tree with LPs on it. The Vivian Girls’ record is on there, and they noted “how awesome is that tree? we’re on it.” Then they started laughing, and so did I, because it must be pretty cool to be on a Christmas tree. They also told us a story about a cat they had to escort to a new house, and how they lost it but it was in a cupboard. The story involved them doing British accents, it was pretty hilarious. It’s always funny hearing Americans do our accents. The Vivian Girls are great and I’d like to hear them play again.


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