Scary Mansion

Another band I wish would come to London, Scary Mansion. Leah Hayes made my list of female vocalists that I did a month or so ago, she was in the first 10 I think. I’m listening to Every Joke Is Half Truth now. When I eventually finish off my albums of 2008 list you can read what I thought about it. Watch this video, her voice… wow.  She also does comics. Musicians who also do comics and art are just the coolest people on the earth, atleast I think so anyway.

I was calculating how much money I spent on gig tickets these past 3 months. All I can say is I’d be alot richer if I wasn’t so in love with live music. It’s worth every penny! Truly. If I had the money I would fly to LA to see David and Meredith from Bodies of Water do an acoustic set next week. I would gnaw my own arm off to be there. I don’t know if they’re doing Bodies of Water songs or how that will work, but I would love to see and hear it. I’m thinking of some lists and stuff to post so stay tuned!

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