Slow Club + The Bobby McGees @ The Buffalo Bar

I went to see the Bobby McGees and Slow Club play at that Twee club night with the naughty name. Doors weren’t until nine, and the music didn’t start until ten. I always prefer early starts but I was suprisingly un-tired so it wasn’t too bad. I took a seat at a table and started catching up on the backlog of drawing I have to do, now I finally have some time. A friendly Swedish girl started talking to me and we briefly talked about a couple of brilliant Swedish bands- I’m From Barcelona and Loney, Dear

I went and got a spot at the side of the stage. The Buffalo Bar is really tiny, kind of like the Brixton Windmill. The lighting was non existant! Seriously no decent light at all. They had a few little red lights around the stage area and that was it. It’s a shame because I was in a good spot and the Bobby McGees are so visually exciting, it would have been nice to capture it. There was a lady who obviously worked there getting some photos using a polaroid camera and a Canon 400D. She was using the built in flash on the Canon. I always choose to not use flash because I think it’s kind of inconsiderate to blind the musicians while they’re trying to play for you. Especially because Canons do that thing where the flash flickers loads before it fires properly.

Anyway, the first band on were called Hotpants Romance. They were all wearing hotpants. They were pretty funny, bless them, but they were a real earache. Maybe because I was next to the speaker. They were kind of like the British Vivian Girls (except not as good). They did a cover of All I Want For Christmas, it wa s fun. Musically I don’t think they’re very good but they were enjoyable enough to watch.

Because it was so dark and I didn’t get any photos of Jimmy I’ll have to describe him to you. He’s the singer of the Bobby McGees. He was wearing a green santa suit. He’s bald and has a big bushy beard, which he had tied some bells into. He’s got a really strong accent (I’m bad with accents so I don’t know where he’s from) and crooked teeth. He came over to me and gave me a tube of glow sticks to pop and assemble into circles. He got me to put a couple on his wrists, adding “not only are you beautiful, you’re a highly skilled engineer!!”. He’s very funny. They also had lollipops to give out (awww). The Bobby McGees were really fun and impressive. They are made up of 2 ladies, one did some vocal duties, the other was really super cool and did saxaphone and recorder and… MUSICAL SAW! This was great to see and hear, a real treat. I never notice musical saw in the bands I listen to, although there is that one band, who utilised the musical saw on epic In The Aeroplane Over The Sea. Neutral Milk Hotel of course. That’s who I was reminded of as soon as I saw the saw. Anyway (sidetracked) they are made up of two ladies, Jimmy, and a man on the big double bass. They play really, REALLY fun music with ukuleles and melodicas and fun lyrics. Jimmy is really funny. When he took to the stage he was like “If you’ve heard of us, raise your hand”. He looked around then said “If you didn’t raise your hand you can go out onto the street and DIE”. The lady vocalist chimed in “Jimmy! That’s not the way to win them over!”. It was all very sweet and lovely. I really enjoyed their set and would love to see them again.

Then it was time for Slow Club. I get the impression alot of people were there for the Bobby McGees, judging from the chatter behind me during Slow Club’s set. Charles and Rebecca took to the stage, Rebecca informing us she’s ill. That didn’t hinder their performance, they were fantastic. They had their suitcase with “SC” on it with them, and the chair Rebecca uses to drum on. My favourite Slow Club song is Because We’re Dead, purely because it’s so much fun, so that was enjoyable. They also played the very sweet When I Go, which reminds me of the sentiments of the Beatles song When I’m 64  and the Whispertown2000 song 103. It contains sweet lyrics like “If we’re both not married by twenty four/ Will you pass me those knee pads and I’ll get on the floor” Nice. I’m not sure how long they played. It was great and I would love to see them again. I think it ended around 12. I walked home in the freezing cold wind. Refreshing!

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3 Responses to Slow Club + The Bobby McGees @ The Buffalo Bar

  1. Adam December 13, 2008 at 1:44 pm #

    Did Slow Club do their Mae Shi cover?

  2. anikainlondon December 13, 2008 at 6:04 pm #

    no they didn’t

  3. Jimmy McGee May 28, 2009 at 8:43 pm #

    Ah…I was very, very, very drunk that night!!!

    And I’m NOT BALD!!!

    I’m Eggshell blonde :-P

    Thank you for the nice review…hope you enjoyed pure groove today?

    Drop me an email and I’ll send you a CD!

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