Sufjan “Stove-Top” Stevens presents..

A belated post about the new Sufjan Christmas special… Astral Inter Planet Space Captain Infinity Voyage. It made it’s way onto the internet a couple of days ago, and I listened to it yesterday.

Every year Sufjan makes a Christmas album and gives it out to his friends and family. He released Volumes 1-5 to the public, 6 and 7 are still not available. One of his ‘friends’ decided to put Volume 8 on the internet to share with us.

It’s quite electronic, kind of like how Christmas would sound if you were a Space Captain on an inter planet infinity voyage. It makes me wish Sufjan would stop being so¬†secretive and release something new. If he did it would cause quite a storm. Which state will it be? etc etc. I’m hoping that it’s a state I’ve been to.

You can see the back cover here. Tracklist on Pitchfork.

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