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Music downloading has been so topical this decade. My friends in economics wanted to do their economics coursework on gas (booo) but I convinced them to do it on music downloads with me (yay!). It should make the coursework a little more interesting, I’d rather study the economics of music than gas any day.

So anyway, Team Love¬†have started up a music library where they rotate albums available for download for free. It literally takes 1 minute to sign up. They’ve always offered albums for free, but they say they’ll be offering unreleased songs, remixes and live versions.¬† I think this is a pretty sweet thing to do. Sign up now and you can download some AMAZING albums for absolutely free.

I especially recommend the Jenny Lewis, Tilly and David Dondero ones. Capgun Coup are pretty great too, I haven’t heard the McCarthy Trenching and Berg Sans Nipple ones though. That Jenny Lewis album is one of my favourite records ever, and Wild Like Children is the best Tilly album. So if you haven’t heard them, or don’t own them, snag them up now and fall in love!

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