Brighton’s lovely in the fall!

I forgot to say my of Montreal photos are on The Booty Patrol, a cool website with all of your of Montreal related needs. I have Spanish today. I chose ‘beginner’ Spanish out of pure laziness, you see I’ve already studied Spanish at school for 5 years, so learning numbers and how to say hello again is a bit tedious. Nevermind, I am seeing Sky Larkin tonight and have a run of events for the next week. So, the scales of love and hate are in balance, or perhaps tipping more to the love side. I just bought a Patrick Wolf ticket for £18. Would anyone like to buy me an Andrew Bird ticket? £24 seems a bit extortionate for my lowly student pocket. My February is full, I am only tentatively free on a few days. My March is pretty empty though, I only have 6 events. Hopefully that should fill up soon!


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