Dear John is on the way…

Dear John, the new full length from Loney Dear is available to pre-order from Polyvinyl Records

I love that album art. It forms part of a strange coincidence where I came across that image on wikipedia recently, let me explain: I was reading the wikipedia page about gramophone records (don’t ask why, I seem to do weird things while I’m putting off my exam revision) and came across that exact image, half way down the page. The cover for Dear John is the protective cover of the Voyager Golden Record. The Voyager Golden Record is a record that was included onboard the Voyager Spacecraft launched in 1977. The symbols on it are supposedly  symbolic representations of how the record is to be played, intended to be interpreted by intelligent extra terrestrial life. According to wikipedia, the Voyager probes became the 3rd and 4th human artifacts to escape entirely from our solar system. Isn’t that fascinating? The record contains sounds and images to represent life on earth, stuff like birdsongs and waves. There are 115 images encoded in analogue and 55 different spoken languages on the record. There’s also a selection of music like Bach and Mozart. 

I am very excited for the record and I can’t wait to see Emil and the band play again in St Giles church, it will be epic.

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  1. Jonas Hall April 3, 2009 at 5:07 pm #

    Does the Golden Record appear printed on the CD itself? I’d like to know since I teach astronomy and it would be cool to have a copy of the original (albeit a CD).

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