Florence and the Machine- Postcards From Italy

I never could get into Florence and the Machine, I think it’s because her song Kiss With A Fist reminds me of Kate Nash (and I really don’t enjoy Kate Nash). I thought her cover of Hospital Beds was pretty good and enjoyable but it didn’t compel me to listen to any more of her stuff. I feel like I shouldn’t completely dismiss a musician until I see them live (unless I reeeeally don’t like them). I almost saw her last November do a free instore but it was cancelled, unfortunately.

Anyway, I really like her cover of Beirut’s Postcards From Italy. I just wish it had the drums that make the original so brilliant. I think her voice works really well and it’s a great cover. You can hear it on this French blog here. If you like her, she’s got tour dates all over the UK but I think the London dates are sold out.

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