Library Voices

Photo by Chris Graham

One of my favourite blogs Let Me Like It (lots of great musical tips, I highly recommend it) recently blogged about this band from Canada, Library Voices. Lured in by their I’m From Barcelona-esque picture I headed to their Myspace to investigate further. Before listening I took a scroll down their page and noticed that one of my favourite Canadian bands, Woodpigeon, is their number one top friend. That’s a good sign. So I listened to them and they’re great. Really upbeat pop songs, lots of fun instruments and group vocals. If you’re a fan of I’m From Barcelona then I would recommend them. Love In The Age Of Absurdity is my favourite on their Myspace player, the chorus is really fun. They’re touring Canada all through February, perhaps we could see them over here sometime. They seem like a band that would be great live. They have a blog/website which you can visit here.


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