List: Daytrotter Sessions

Here are some of my favourite Daytrotter Sessions:

Whispertown2000 (February 2007)

This is probably my most listened to Daytrotter Session. I love Morgan’s unique voice, W2K are one of my favourite bands. 3 of the songs were unreleased at the time of the performance but appeared on Swim which came out last year. Ebb and Flow never was my favourite but the other 3 songs are so good. Restless kind of holds a special place for me, it’s probably my favourite Whispertown songs along with Hometown. It’s poppy and folky and Morgan and Vanessa’s voices are brilliant. I love that version of the song, listen to it, you’ll love it. 

Bishop Allen (June 2007)

I love Bishop Allen’s monthly series of EPs that they did. They play songs from the EPs, 3 of which would appear on the Broken String. I love Butterfly Nets. It’s such a sweet, beautiful song. Darbie Nowatka does the vocals and it’s perfect. There’s also some really pretty glockenspiel. Pop music at it’s best. New Bishop Allen record later this year, woop! Daytrotter Session here.

Langhorne Slim(August 2008, October 2006)

Great acoustic folk songs. I love the version of Restless he does in the 2006 session. In the 2008 one he does a song called We Love The Animals. It’s very cheerful and, unsurprisingly enough, about loving animals. Well, I love animals too. This song makes me want to go to the zoo. I want to go to the zoo 90% of the time though anyway. Shame it’s so expensive to go. I haven’t been in ages.

The Elected (January 2007)

I love The Elected, I think it’s a shame they are sometimes over looked. They play 4 songs from their second full length Sun Sun Sun. The Elected is the side project of Rilo Kiley guitarist, and sometimes vocalist, Blake Sennett. Bank and Trust is really great but Would You Come With Me? is probably my favourite. I love Blake’s voice and the way he sings. Sun Sun Sun is such a great record if you haven’t heard it yet I recommend it. Listen here.

Au Revoir Simone (November 2007)

I love Au Revoir Simone! They do a great version of Stars in this session. Stars is probably my third favourite ARS song from The Bird of Music, the first and second being A Violent Yet Flammable World and The Way To There respectively.  Their new record is one of the albums I’m most excited about hearing this year. Listen to the session here.

Cursive (May 2008 )

Awwwww, how cute does Tim Kasher look in that drawing!?  They do 2 unreleased songs and a cool version of one of my favourite Cursive songs, Sierra. Listen here. There’s a new Cursive album this year too.


of Montreal (October 2006)

I love when of Montreal do acoustic versions of their songs. This Daytrotter session is so brilliant. They do a great version of Requiem For O.M.M.2 which is one of my favourite oM songs. Bunny Ain’t No Kind Of Rider is probably my favourite from Hissing Fauna, they do a great acousic version of that. It’s called Eagle Shaped Mirror for the Daytrotter session. Lysergic Bliss is another of my favourites and they do that. It’s such a catchy, bouncy song. They do Suffer For Fashion from Hissing Fauna too. 

Bodies of Water (July 2008 )

Bodies of Water are so epic! I love them. These Are The Eyes is such a brilliant song, the whole ‘nature forgave, but I cannot forget‘ part towards the end just kills me every time, it’s just so great. It’s such a shame they won’t be doing any more shows for ‘a while’. The show they did at Cargo was one of my favourites of the year. Listen to the songs here. I can’t recommend Bodies of Water enough, such a great band.

Jaymay (September 2008 )

Whoops almost forgot this one. I’ve listened to What About The Bob so many times. It’s so short and brilliant and catchy and I love it. I like to sing it on the guitar too. I’m one of those people who likes to listen to songs on repeat, it’s probably annoying to other people who can hear. I can’t wait for her to release this 10 under 2 EP that she’s working on. One of my favourite singers. Listen here.

Tilly and the Wall (April 2007)

This is my favourite of the 2 that the Tillies did for Daytrotter. They perform 4 of my favourite of their songs. They do Nights of The Living Dead, Bad Education, Love Song and Rainbows In The Dark. Listen to it here.



The Thao Nguyen ones are good too. I love the version of Scorpio The Dutchess and The Duke do. Mates of State do a great cover of These Days. The White Hinterland ones are great. There are so many good ones worth listening to, see the full archive here.

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  1. Alicia January 20, 2009 at 5:06 pm #

    Thanks for this post, I didn’t know about the daytrotter sessions from Jaymay and Au revoir simone and they are both so lovely

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