List: Sleep Songs Part 1

Here is a short list before I go on my music/photo’ing walk. 3 songs I listen to while I’m trying to sleep:

Broken Social Scene- Puff The Magic Dragon

The Broken Social Scene bunch recorded it for a kids album. It sends me to sleep in the best possible way. You can probably find it if you google search for it. It makes me visualize dragons but I don’t think I’ve actually had a dragon related dream. I haven’t heard the Will Oldham version of this song, perhaps I should seek it out. Unfortunately I have the extended version of this which gets weird at the end, so I tend to shut it off before it reaches there.

Ben and Bruno- New Friend Song

This song is so ridiculously beautiful you have to hear it to believe it. You can hear it on Last Fm. Because it’s short I have to combine it with something else or make a playlist and listen to it on repeat. I don’t really know why I listen to it before I sleep, it makes me feel kind of sad. It’s about someone who loves someone who is a friend. “she is a girlfriend, but not my girlfriend” awwh. Beautiful harmonies.

Sunset Rubdown-Shut Up I Am Dreaming of Places Where Lovers Have Wings

I never really got into the rest of the album but I’ve always loved this track. It’s the perfect length. It’s beautiful. It actually gets a bit intense to be a sleep song but if I listen to it quietly it’s the perfect song to go to sleep to. It makes meĀ visualizeĀ oceans which is probably a step above dragons.

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