Loney Dear Bandstand Busking

If you’ve been following the blog for a while you will know I went to the Loney Dear Bandstand Busking session last year. I’ll risk sounding like I’m raving to say it was the greatest thing EVER. The videos reflect that. It was such a special performance. I can’t wait for the new Loney Dear record and to see Emil play again. The next Loney Dear show is on the 28th of January at the epic St Giles. If you are with an 60 mile radius of London you have no excuse not to come, because it’s going to be amazing. Just watch the video of I Was Only Going Out and you’ll see what I mean. Videos and interview are up now on the Bandstand Busking website. I got to take some photos too which you can see on my Flickr.

I had a management exam today which was actually pretty easy (I think, I have no idea how strict the marking is) and I’m going to see Ora Cogan play at the Slaughtered Lamb tonight. She’s good live, tickets are cheap, the Slaughtered Lamb is nice, if you’re free you should come along.

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