Martha Wainwright/David Thomas Broughton

I bought a couple of things just now. I got a ticket for David Thomas Broughton at Bush Hall with Sam Amidon and Doveman. Should be a good show.

I also bought a ticket to see Martha Wainwright in the ballet performance of Seven Deadly Sins this Saturday at 2pm. I don’t even know what it’s about but it should be a new, intriguing experience. I looked over the cast list and see Michael Nyman under the ‘Music’ section. He composed the music for the old Ethan Hawke movie Gattaca. That’s about as far as my knowledge of him extends. I actually shelled out and got an £11 ticket so I don’t have to sit on a bench for 3 hours. I am right at the top, in seat A30, if you want to come and sit next to me. My seat will not have arm rests and “the view of the stage is obstructed by the fingerboard (ledge) in front of this seat and also has a side view of the stage.”. This makes me laugh. I am excited.

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