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Horse Feathers by Jason Quigly

A mere day after I posted a calendar of my upcoming events I have found more things worth mentioning:

The Joy Formidable @ Pure Groove 17/02: Pure Groove instores are always worth checking out because they’re free and it’s a nice way of seeing a band. The Joy Formidable have a show at The Wilmington Arms on the 21/01 for a very fair £3, but I’m busy.

Passion Pit @ Pure Groove 19/02: Somebody has added this to LastFm but I can’t find any more information about it. Will be good if it happens though.

The Deer Tracks @ Pure Groove 24/02: I had not previously heard them, but they sound pretty good. Melodic, electronic dream pop from Sweden. They also have a show at The Old Blue Last on 22/02, which I might go to.

Horse Feathers/ Wildbirds & Peacedrums 02/03 @ Luminaire/The Social: Well, I feel inclinded to go to Horse Feathers as I’ll be seeing W&P in April. I’ve just been listening to Horse Feathers today, really good laid back folk music from Portland. The band features Peter Broderick on banjo/violin and Heather Broderick on cello/vocals, along with frontman Justin Ringle. Definately a show worth looking into. I’ll probably get a ticket next week. 

Turns out that super secret surprise instore at Rough Trade is Franz Ferdinand. I’m not a fan so I’ll give it a miss. I have my Organizational Behaviour exam on Wednesday, I haven’t revised yet. Seems to me as if it’s just a super redundant spin off from my management exam. Boring.

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  1. Adam January 18, 2009 at 4:29 pm #

    That’s a superb bunch of Pure Groove instores, think I’ll attend all of them!

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