New Simone White record


Simone White photo by  Kenda Benward

Simone White photo by Kenda Benward

I really like Simone White, she’s got a beautiful voice and lots of great songs, so I’m very very excited about her next record. It’s out on Honest Jon’s in June. She just posted a new song called You Are Loved on her myspace, it’s really sweet and beautiful. You can find out a little more about the record in this blog she posted. You can listen to her songs on her Myspace. I also suggest listening to her Freight Train cover because it’s perfect. She’s got a show in New York with Sharon Van Etten at the end of January in New York which will probably be super amazing so if you are in New York or have a few hundred pounds spare and fancy a trip across the ocean I’d recommend going to the show. After that she’s got one in LA then comes over to Europe and is playing in Madrid and Zurich and some other places in mainland Europe. Hopefully she’ll come to London while she’s over in this general direction. She answered some questions for the blog a little while ago which you can read here.

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