Recommended: Jaymay- Sea Green, See Blue EP

I decided to start up a new feature on my blog where I write about records that came out before I started this blog, because I have so many favourite records I would enjoy writing about. I’m not sure whether to adopt the rating system or not, because I doubt I’ll bother reviewing records I don’t like, so you can just assume that the records I do review would score pretty highly with me.

Jaymay: Sea Green, See Blue EP (2006)

 I’m a big fan of Jaymay. The BBC (pfff) described her as ‘the darling of the New York ‘Anti-Folk’ scene’ which I always find to be a bit misleading because I wouldn’t really lump her in with Jeff Lewis and the other artists more synonymous with the anti folk scene. Jaymay has a beautiful voice and plays sweet, poppy folk songs. Her lyrics are witty and interesting, and the songs are catchy enough to have you singing along in no time. The 5 track EP is strong from start to finish. Gray Or Blue kicks things off, this song would later appear on her full length debut Autumn Fallin’ along with title track Sea Green, See Blue. Both tracks are superb and have lovely soft melodies and sweet lyrics. My personal favourite track is Snow White, I just love the way Jamie sings. The EP closes with the simple, but charming Color Confused. I’d recommend Jaymay for fans of other female singers like Mirah and Maria Taylor etc etc as well as for anyone who likes wonderful, catchy, endearing folk pop.


Excellent video of Jaymay playing Snow White:

Prepare yourselves for my review of Knives Don’t Have Your Back. I will have to try and restrain myself from going too OTT with my love of that record! I’m really not very good at reviews, I tend to love stuff and that’s that. I guess one of my resolutions can be to be a better writer. Three weeks until of Montreal, I am so excited.

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