Review: Anais Mitchell @ The Luminaire

This was sort of a random buy. I love the Luminaire, I’ve been up there 3 times in as many weeks. Anais and The Bowmans sounded worth checking out, so I chose to go to this instead of Little Joy at Dingwalls or The Joy Formidable at The Wilmington Arms. It was definately the right decision!

I decided to try and be cool (well, try) and not get there really early. On the tube I had one of those ‘ohnoes, am I on a fast train?’ moments, because I was listening to Beach House instead of the announcements and I got confused. In proportion to the amount of times I use public transport I haven’t gone wrong that many times, but still enough times to make me worry (like the time I ended up in Hastings when I was meant to go to Ashford, and the time I went to Harrow On The Hill when I was meant to go to Barbican, and the time… etc etc).

I got there just before eight and it was surprisingly busy. It was one of those sitting down audiences, so I went and sat down on the floor at the front. The girl next to me was watching a TV show on her ipod or iphone. The music was nice, it wasn’t long before The Bowmans started.

Their set was fantastic. They have absolutely stunning voices, you have to go see them live, the recordings don’t truly do them justice. Beautiful harmonies and some fun country,¬†tambourine¬†shaking, foot stomping songs. The pair were very cheerful, funny and sweet too. They’re probably for fans of stuff like Gillian Welch or Neko Case. They have another show on the 1st of February at the Green Note. They’re really brilliant live, catch them if you can. They have an album out later this year. More information on their Myspace.

In the interlude the club promoter came up to me and for some reason I assumed he was going to ask me not to take photos or something, but he didn’t. The Bowmans saw me taking photos and wanted me to send them to them, I gave him my moo card instead to pass on to them. These moo cards have come in handy of late. I also spoke to Alan from Wears The Trousers. He told me about Anais’s forthcoming album, which is a folk opera about Hades and Orpheus and Eurydice and Persephone and all those Greeky myth people. To me, this is the coolest thing ever. I love the whole Greek mythology thing, The Death Of Eurydice is one of my favourite paintings at the National Gallery, and I love the story of Orpheus. The album features guest parts from Justin Vernon of Bon Iver fame and also Ani DiFranco. The sound guy played Jenny Lewis’s Charing Sky right before Anais came from behind the curtain.

Anais has a great voice. She’s kind of like Mirah/Anni Rossi/Joanna Newsom. She was fantastic live, really lively and endearing. She took audience requests which I always think is really sweet when artists play what their fans want to hear. It was clearly making some people very very happy, so I thought it was very thoughtful and kind. There were definately some big Anais fans in the audience, there were a few sing-alongs which were really special. The songs about Hades sounded brilliant, look out for that later this year. Head to her Myspace for songs and more.

There are more photos on my Flickr.

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