Review: El May @ The Brixton Windmill

It takes ages to get to the Windmill! Well, relatively anyway. I left at 7 and got there just past 8. On the tube I read The London Paper which in my opinion is infinitely better than London Lite. Neither paper actually covers any real news though, unless you count George Clooney AND Brad Pitt both wearing flatcaps as news.

I got there and took a seat. El May was sound checking and there were some football fans watching a match on TV. It was pretty dead. The show didn’t actually start until gone 9, which was semi-annoying because I probably would have had enough time to see Ben Weaver again at Rough Trade.

El May is the name of Lara Meyerratken. She’s tagged on LastFm as “Aussie rules” and she sounds Australian, so I’d guess she’s Australian. She’s based in Brooklyn according to her Myspace. I had listened to the songs she has up and enjoyed them so thought it would be worth catching her live. She clicks her fingers and claps her hands and loops it and sings with herself and stuff,  I always like watching people do this and it was fun to watch. Her family were there to watch her, and there were probably another 25 people there in total. She played a new song for us and tried to describe just how new it is by saying “if this song was a baby it would still be bloody and mucus-y”. Mmm nice. It was a good song though and I really enjoyed her set and would like to hear her play again.

After the set I told her I liked it and she said she’ll probably be back in May/June, I recommend catching her if you can. There was another band advertised TBC to play between El May and Lymyc Systym but this did not materialise.

El May played quite quiet, relaxed songs. Lymbyc Systym gave me earache. I have no idea why they were on a bill together, the bands were so completely different. I saw the show was also sponsored by Rock Sound Magazine which was bizarre. I was kind of prejudiced against Lymyc Systym to begin with because I don’t really like the name. I watched them for two songs, they’re very good at what they do, both really talented musicians, but completely not my thing. No vocals, it was just loud drums and keyboard. I was bored so thought I might as well start the long journey home and atleast listen to some music I like on my ipod. It was a slightly disappointing gig as I spent longer travelling there  and waiting around than I did watching music, plus it cost me money when I could have just seen Ben Weaver for free and could have walked there. Nonetheless, I enjoyed El May and she’s good live so I recommend her.

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