Review: Loney Dear at St Giles

I saw Loney Dear on two occasions last December and it pretty much cemented the belief that Loney Dear is a band well worth catching firmly in my mind.  The first of the aforementioned occasions was a Bandstand Busking session which was truly special. You can watch it here. The second occasion was at the very intimate and stuffy Old Blue Last.  I handily made it from Kings Cross to Old Street in no time and managed to arrive just before Loney Dear’s set. That was a very satisfactory day. 

So yesterday I walked over to St Giles in the fuzzy rain to catch Emil play again. I met up with Bobbles outside the church and we went in and got the front left pew. John soon arrived and we all talked about the mysterious Patrick Wolf secret thing that is happening next week that John was lucky enough to be invited to.

The first act was Laura Groves/Blue Roses. They awkwardly started playing before the lights even went down. I thought she was brilliant. She played songs with piano/guitar and the violin. She has a brilliant voice and I’d really love to hear her play again. She has a completed album on the way so watch out for that.

Then at 8.30-ish Loney Dear began. I Was Only Going Out was the first song, my favourite of his new ones. He played quite a few from the new album including the new single Airport Surroundings. He told us a little anecdote about the making of the music video and how they managed to loose a camera while filming it. There was a full band and the sound was good. He came away from the mic and into the audience for a few songs which was pretty special. Emil is a very endearing frontman. He tends to say alot of things that get lost in translation that don’t make that much sense, but it’s very sweet and funny. I Am John was brilliant with the other band members singing the high parts. They went off to Sinister and came on for the encore which was The Meter Marks OK, which was fun to sing along to, although I think people were a little shy about singing because we were all sat down and spaced out. Emil invited the audience for hugs after the show, and was promptly surrounded by a crowd of people wanting hugs. To conclude, Loney Dear are brilliant and you should see them if you can.

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