Review: of Montreal @ Brighton Digital

I want to see of Montreal again! Such a fantastic live band.

I went down to Brighton early with my my friend Crazybobbles. We hunted for Nandos for an age (but it was worth it mmm) then met up with Adam on the beach. We did a loop of the pier and got icecream despite the fact it was very cold. We brainstormed ideas for our future website but struggled to come up with anything un-panda related. Then we went to the venue early and waited around for a while.

We went inside on time. The venue was nice and snug, there wasn’t a barrier. It was probably the same size as Cargo or the Borderline. 

Casiokids were first. They had some great cowbell parts and I thought they were fairly enjoyable, although towards the end of the set I just wanted them to end so it would be of Montreal. In the change over the setlists were put down. I debated not looking but I couldn’t resist. No Party’s Crashing Us, but nevermind. I like alot of the quiet folky types and don’t often get to sing along to all the words, this show was fun because I loved all the songs that they played and they were all sing along songs.

The band came on to She’s A Rejecter and it was brilliant. The mantiger/tigerman was on stage woo’ing Dottie. It was funny and sweet and brilliant. The first run of songs were such a joy because I was so excited and it was so much more intimate than the Koko show. The sound was a bit off but the lights had improved since Casiokids. After She’s A Rejecter they did a little run of Skeletal Lamping songs, For Our Elegant Castle into Touched Something’s Hollow and then, the best song of 2008, An Eluardian Instance. I love the way An Eluardian Instance explodes out of Touched Something’s Hollow. I was having one of those ‘wow I love this band so much’ moments right about then. Another thing I love about the live of Montreal show is Kevin Barnes’ hypnotic dancing. He really should release a dance video. Next they played Wraith Pinned To The Mist which was brilliant. They played quite a few Hissing Fauna songs, I was happy to hear Bunny Ain’t No Kind Of Rider because they didn’t play it at Koko. There were popes and ninjas and buddahs and hungry tigers on stage. I kind of wanted to hear them do Wicked Wisdom because they didn’t do it last time and I think the ‘hot magic‘ part would be great live.

Kevin got up on David’s shoulders for a while and took off his top in a very Kevin Barnes-esque way. BP was looking cool in some shades and Dottie was dancing away at her keys. At one point a ninja appeared in the crowd standing next to me doing weird hand gestures. There were crazy visuals being projected on the screen. They played Id Engager once again showing that ninjas prove it, right!? For the set ender they did A Sentence of Sorts In Konsvinger. This was my favourite song last time, I still have the visual of Kevin getting down on his knees and praying to a saint that nobody has heard of engrained in my head from the Koko show. It was my set highlight again this time. The band left the stage. The three stage actors came onstage, tiger, pig and dinosaur, and they got us to do some cheering in sync with their arm movements. of Montreal took to the stage once again for Suffer For Fashion and another awesome cover of Smells Like Teen Spirit. I couldn’t see behind me but I get the impression that everybody in that room was dancing, it was fantastic. I got the setlist and managed to get Jamey’s drumstick after it was thrown clear over the heads of everyone trying to catch it and into easy picking up distance of me.

We got back to the station quick enough and got the train to London Bridge. For some reason the tube wasn’t running so we got the train to Charing Cross then tube to Baker Street in time for the last tube. And for some reason my Hammersmith & City line tube decided to terminate at Kings Cross and not make it to Barbican. Luckily Kings Cross is in walking distance. I listened to Hissing Fauna and got back soon enough.

To conclude, of Montreal are the funnest live band ever and are one of my favourite bands. I can’t think of band that are more fun to sing and dance to. That show has set the standard for 2009. As much as I like all of the acoustic folkies I don’t think they have much of a chance of competing in levels of fun-ness. Well worth the ticket price and train ride there, I recommend seeing of Montreal live to everyone and anyone.

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