Review: Ora Cogan @ The Slaughtered Lamb

I got there characteristically early so sat upstairs for a while and drew in my book. I’ve got so many pages to draw, it’s madness. I also got to listen to two guys talk about how great the iphone is for literally half an hour. 

I went downstairs at half eight and took a seat and drew some more. The place was pretty dead. Puzzle Muteson was first, he’s from the Isle of White and played folky type stuff. He’s got a show at the Soho Revue Bar coming up and one in Oregon this summer. He played a cover of Harvest Moon which was great. I like the of Montreal cover of Harvest Moon alot too.

Emil Brynge was also advertised to play, which I was quite looking forward to, but he didn’t play for some reason. He plays folky music and is from Sweden, I happened to meet him a couple of months ago at the Babel show. He asked me if I would draw him in my book, and I did. It should be known that when I’m drawing up my day, if you were in it then you’ll probably get drawn. I have so much to draw and scan in, you can see some old ones here.

So because Emil wasn’t there Ora played next. It was great again. She’s from Vancouver and plays folky bluesy guitar and has a great voice. It was her friend Max’s Birthday, she dedicated a song to him. I don’t know what that song is but it’s also my favourite out of the ones she plays. She also did her Leadbelly cover and ended with an awesome a’capella Jesus song. It was a really good show, it’s a shame more people didn’t come.

I always seem to end up talking to nice people at the Slaughtered Lamb. I chatted to a musician called Stephen who is also a big music enthusiast. I also got to meet Alan and his friend who run one of my favourite websites, Wears The Trousers, which covers all the best female artists. On the way out we said hi to Ora and I gave her one of my business cards. She had the choice of this one of Andrew Bird or this one of Anni Rossi. She chose Anni Rossi because she knows her. Everything is so interconnected. Good show, make sure you catch her when she next plays here.

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  1. Skopje January 15, 2009 at 6:23 am #

    The ORA song that she mentioned(max’s birthday song) is the third track on her second cd, and is called THE WAY. I had to get it imported from DARLA.COM, but it only took 2 weeks and that was over xmas as well.

    It is an amazing album. Amazing……


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