Review: Sky Larkin at the ICA

Yesterday I went to see Sky Larkin at the ICA. It was brilliant. First I met up with Bobbles and we went to Chinatown and ate some expensive yet delicious duck. We headed over to the ICA across some zebra crossings which protected us with ‘the spirit of the zebra’. The ICA is in quite a posh area not far from Charing Cross station. I had never been there before so I didn’t really know what to expect. We took a seat and then met up with James and went into the venue.

The first band Little Death had started, the crowd were hanging back. We glided to the front and marveled at the absolutely brilliantly fantastically wonderful EPIC lights! It was like photographic heaven. Little Death were quite laid back and enjoyable enough.

Pulled Apart By Horses were next. They couldn’t be any further from the folky stuff I usually listen to, but they were alot of fun! It’s nice to have something a bit different from the quiet acoustic folkies I see so often. They were jumping around the stage playing really loud rock, rolling on the floor, screaming. It was epic. The singer jumped from the stage and rolled around on the floor in the audience. They had one song where they wanted to give everyone hi fives, which was a nice gesture I suppose. It was all very crazy and very fun.

I wanted to buy a Sky Larkin watch, but alas, I had no monies left at all. I do actually really need a watch as well, my university clearly doesn’t see having clocks anywhere as a worthy investment. They played the BSS song Cause=Time (win!) on the sound system, we watched some girls doing some mad dancing, then Sky Larkin started. In the words of Katie ”We make noise. A girl and two boys.”. They were indeed very loud and I think I will loose my hearing if I ever stand that close to the speaker again, but it was so worth it! The band had so much energy, Katie was bouncing all over the stage and Nestor has to be one of my favourite drummers ever. I think the venue worked well for them, the epic lights and smoke made for a great atmosphere. Set highlight for me was Fossil I, just because I really like that song and it’s pretty catchy. The new songs sounded great too. I had a great evening and will definately be catching the band again next time. Tour dates across Europe and their new LP The Golden Spike is out February 9th, check their Myspace for more details and information.

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  1. alicetragedy February 4, 2009 at 12:30 am #

    I remember really liking Sky Larkin when I saw them, though I can’t remember when or where that was,…!


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