Sky Larkin @ Rough Trade

I thought I would do a separate post for this as oppose to lumping it in with my review of yesterday’s show that I will write imminently. 

Before maths I was browsing the interwebs and thinking that I’d really like to see Sky Larkin again. I checked their Myspace. A couple of shows left in the UK, lots of Europe dates and an appearance at SXSW, but no London date yet. I then felt compelled to check Rough Trade, and, what luck! Sky Larkin instore on February 11th! After a moment of rejoicing, I remembered my February is practically full and the chances of clash are very high. I checked my calendar, I was going to check our The Rifles that evening at Pure Groove, but they can make way for Sky Larkin. YAY! More information on Rough Trade.

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