Track: Metric-Help I’m Alive Acoustic

Try to picture me here in my room brimming with absolute pure JOY! Download an acoustic version of Help I’m Alive on the Metric website. I have to say, I kind of wish Jimmy didn’t sing on this one, and I wish it was piano all the way through. Basically, I wish it were a Soft Skeleton song. Nonetheless, it’s so good to hear more Emily (!!!!!!!!!!!!). I went to Bush Hall on Friday and has several pangs of pain in my heart imagining how good it must have been to hear Knives Don’t Have Your Back there. Ouch, that hurt. The new album which is called Fantasies is out on April 14th. “We’re also working on worldwide touring plans, dates will be announced soon.” Wow. I think my heart just exploded. Time to listen to Knives Don’t Have Your Back.

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